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Esme: Self Love Candle

Esme: Self Love Candle

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Esme is a French name meaning to be loved, beloved or admired. Our candle made for Self Love with beautiful notes of jasmine, pepper, ylang ylang, geranium, cedarwood and vetiver. Every day there's a reason to express self love. 

As you burn this beautiful candle, read your affirmation out loud. 

Key Oils for Self Love 

  • Jasmine oil coming from the beautiful white flower, known for setting the mood for romance and improves mood with behavioural arousal. 
  • Geranium is known for calming properties and promoting relaxation. 
  • Vetiver essential oil has benefits of helping brain fatigue whilst improving attention. 


Ingredients + Details

• Natural vegan wax
• Natural 100% pure essential oil
• Toxic-free powder pigment used
• Self-love/well-being specific scents
• Eco-friendly packaging
• Positive affirmation with each scent

How to use

1. Trim the wick with every use
2. Allow wax to melt all acround
3. Do not burn for more than 2-3 hours at a time

Self-love affirmations

Each product is filled with affirmations intended to help create and encourage positive self-talk.

We recommend repeating your affirmation three times, out loud.

Shipping + return policy


  • Orders dispatch within 1-2 days after the order is placed.
  • Standard Shipping: 2-3 working days
  • Express Shipping: 1 working day


We do not offer refunds or exchanges due to the nature of the product. However, if your item is faulty please email

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