About Us

Neya Living was founded to instil power, confidence, and a moment of gratitude into everyone’s lives. Who doesn’t deserve time to themselves to put the breaks on from the fast-paced lives that we lead? 

Our core values here at Neya Living:

  • We only use natural ingredients to stay kind to you and the environment
  • Plastic is a no-go, that’s why we minimise our use of it as much as possible
  • We recycle responsibly, all our product packaging can be recycled
  • Intentional affirmations are at the heart of our products
  • All our products are handmade in London with love, so you get the Neya Living seal of approval

From our branding to the products posted through your letterbox, we incorporate joyful colours such as coral to evoke feelings of comfort, peace of mind, acceptance, positivity, and energy. Whether for you or a loved one, all our products are uplifting and make a perfect gift. 


Meet The Founder Of Neya Living

Aneeka, the founder of Neya Living knows all too well how it feels to not prioritise self-care and that’s why Neya Living was born. Having personally struggled with anxiety, Aneeka wanted to find new, sustainable ways to manage it and take time to look after herself. That’s where the power of aromatherapy came into play, with certain blends and forms helping to alleviate stressors in Aneeka’s everyday life. As researched, aromatherapy has proven benefits to our state of mind and physical well-being.  It was also discovered that affirmations alongside aromatherapy made for the perfect duo. When we read positive thoughts out loud, we have the power to shake up negative thinking habits and boost our self-esteem. That’s why with all our natural, cruelty-free, and hand-poured products, we ensure an affirmation is included just for you. So, you can take in the scents, focus on your breathing and environment, and repeat the positive affirmations to reassure yourself that you’re doing just fine.

Unlocking the key to self-love is our mission. Self-love is the art of appreciating your own personal growth and tending to your emotional, physical, and spiritual needs. We understand how important our senses are to making us feel present and well-rested, all important aspects of self-love. Don’t let the weight of every day stop you from prioritising wellbeing. Self-care should never come second.