We've had a brand refresh - Neya Living

We've had a brand refresh


Neya Treasure has had a refresh. We are now proud to introduce our updated name, Neya Living (Nae-ya Living).

Although our previous name was dearly loved, we felt Neya needed a new name that reflected our products, brand values and most importantly SELF-CARE! The goal was to provide clarity to customers from the moment they first encountered the brand. 

The brand name embodies our self-love mission. We, as a brand, promote a lifestyle centered around self-care and positive wellbeing. By removing Treasure and adding Living, we can capture that.

You can rest assured that the brand's concept has not changed, even though its name has been elevated. The products, core colours and mission remain the same. 

What you can expect to see in the coming weeks/months. 

✨ New website

Brighter colours

✨ More self-love content from the owner

✨ Improved packaging



We'd like to thank you all for your patience and hope you enjoy watching us evolve over time. 

Love, Neya xo

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